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WORSHIP MINISTRY By Pastor Torch Leung

Torch Leung Hope Church WAM

Director The Worship, Arts & Media (WAM) ministry is here to support and enhance all the ministries of Hope Church with a wide range of quality worship set production, vocal & musical production, creative design, dramatic arts, dance and media production. As a ministry, we are committed to making disciples of creative & artistic people and helping them reach the fullest potentials in their God-given gifts through training, equipping and developing necessary skills to become effective ministers of Christ – worship leaders, singers, musicians, sound crews, dancers, graphic designers, media specialists, journalists, actors and other aspects of worship & creative arts ministry that will be a benefit to the local church, community and the Body of Christ. www.wamglobal.org 
Importance of Worship

Realising the Importance of WORSHIP and Its Ministry in Your Church

Worship and its ministry are part of the local church life, which must operate in harmony with the whole of the local church’s ministries.

The time of leading congregational worship during a service is of paramount importance. Herein lies the ultimate paradox. Though worship is often preliminary to the preaching of the Word, it must never be regarded to only be so. If worship is relegated to just a ‘preliminary’ and ‘warm-up’ to the preaching of the Word, it becomes ineffective in fulfilling its proper mandate. When mandated to bring people into God’s presence without regard towards what phases of ministry happen afterwards, congregational worship becomes one of the most effective ways to prepare the people (and the preacher) for the preaching of the word.


True Biblical Worship 

Good congregational worship begins with each and every individual in the congregation having the right understanding of true biblical worship.

“Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, your eating, your going to work, your walking around life—and place it before God as an offering.” (Romans 12:1, MSG) 

True biblical worship is not just something that we do at church, but the response of our entire lives to God. Worship is not just a lifestyle, but our whole life that should be offered as a living sacrifice unto God. It is having a 24-7 attitude of enjoying God, loving Him, and giving ourselves to be used for His purposes.

True biblical worship is also not a just passive experience where we sit back and look to the pastor, music or other external factors to light a fire within us. True biblical worship requires action and initiative from us! That’s why Paul said, “OFFER your bodies as living sacrifices.” (Romans 12:1, NIV).

“Worship is a verb.” – Robert Webber

Express our love towards God 

We BRING the offering of worship when we seek God and express our love towards God! When we gather in church for congregation worship on any day of the week – we are in fact seeing a bit of what heaven will be like.

Congregational worship is not only a couple of hours on Sunday mornings where the church corporately gathers with her guests to sing, pray, give, and hear the Word preached. It is neither entertainment nor intellectual inspiration offered by the preacher, but it is the act of each and every Christian participating and offering to God active, full-bodied worship.

The congregational worship of church service is, in many ways, a continuation of what has occurred during the week—a life of submission and obedience to the Word of God and His will. It serves as a time for the readjustment of priorities and realignment of our lives so that God’s purpose and mission in and through our lives – collectively and individually – can be carried out.

Church service is an act of worship 

We need to realise that every church service presents an opportunity for the church to offer God the rightful worship and allow Him to change hearts and transform lives for the purpose of God! Thus, everything that is happening in a church service should be viewed as worship! Worship is not just another filler in the program of a church service. Worship doesn’t end when the preaching of the Word begins. Preaching is simply a program held after worship, or even prior to worship. When the preacher preaches the word faithfully and clearly, it is an act of worship! When the congregation attentively receives the Word with hunger and eagerness; that too is an act of worship.

Unfortunately, this understanding has been absent in many churches. For far too long, the importance of worship ministry in the church has been understated. There is a great lack of understanding about what biblical worship is. Worship theology is inadequately taught and passed on to church members. And we wonder why ‘people aren’t worshipping’ or ‘don’t seem engaged in worship’!?

Godly creativity & artistic expression 

Now is the time to help our church to grow in its understanding about biblical worship, in order to realise the importance of worship and its ministry significance in our local body. It is my prayer that every church will rise up in the discipleship and empowerment of worship ministers, in order that their God-given gifts can be released to serve God in their local church and the Kingdom. It is also my heart’s desire to see godly creativity and artistic expression as a form of worship and creative arts be unleashed and used to bless the church of Jesus Christ & extend the Kingdom of God in its fullness.

Let’s grow in our understanding of biblical worship, so that we can offer rightful worship unto our God and give Him the praise, blessings and honour that He deserves.

Never cease to praise Him (Psalm 100)!