Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world



One of the key things that really define our church is that we are Great Commission Churches. You know we are committed. We are committed to the commands of Jesus to go forth and to make disciples of every nation, and that explains our key priorities. We have three key priorities. Firstly to win souls, secondly to make disciples and thirdly to build and plant churches.

You know many years ago, before I joined our family of churches, I did not comprehend the purpose nor the relevance of the Great Commission. I just thought that it was some instructions for some really high level five-fold ministers and missionaries. So I thought that it would have no relevance to me at all.

Later on, I realise that Jesus’ commands were for the entire church, for every born again believer; that’s you and I. This revelation and conviction has gripped my heart for the last thirty years. This is not just some wishful pie-in-the-sky command from Jesus alone. In fact, this command must define God’s church, for it is the very pinnacle of God’s mission for His church on earth.

The Challenge

It is this very mission that focuses the church. It focuses every believer so that we may move forward as one  in unity, in the purposes of God. It really provides us that forward momentum for every church, for every believer. The challenge for every generation is to seek to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Really, the challenge is greater in recent years as we watch this world increasingly sliding into greater moral and spiritual darkness. As the world gets darker, the church needs to get brighter.
We need to shine the light of Jesus in a greater way.

So, that is why our churches must continue to pioneer new ventures to extend the kingdom of God. New ministries, new life groups, new churches, new localities must be pioneered. And that is why our theme  in the last Global Fest was ‘Pioneer’.

Even in the midst of this COVID pandemic, where travel and movement and gatherings are greatly restricted, yet at the same time, we must continue to be involved in the pioneering process. So, even if we cannot quite fully start up new life groups or churches at this point we can continue to prepare ourselves. May I encourage you to continue to build your spiritual life. Train yourself in the things of God. Aim to be a multiplier of disciples.

Our Website

That is one of the reasons why, at HIM, we have just launched our website called wilsonlailing.com. It is an equipping website. It’s designed to help you develop in your leadership and in the areas of intercession or the prophetic. It also has articles to help you grow in your Christian life, and in understanding the Bible better, even to help serve and to help grow the church. There are other things in there as well. Do check it out.

We are a House of Prayer for The Nations

Now, can I say this is a crucial time to pray, to intercede that the hand of God will move. Let’s pray, let’s build up our church’s spiritual reservoir. Let’s really pray and begin to break down the defenses of the kingdom of darkness. Let’s pray and hear what God will want us to do in this season of time. Please join us in our times of prayer. We’re having this online Global Prayer every month called the ‘House of Prayer for the Nations’. So every last Wednesday of the month, at 9:30pm (Brisbane time). We look forward to seeing you all over there.

Sow and Build
And now can I say, it’s also a very crucial time to continue to sow into people and their pioneering ventures for the kingdom of God. Help them prepare, help them prepare well. So that they can be ready once the restrictions are lifted. Now is not the time to relax, nor to retreat, but a time to build up so that we can venture forth in faith.

Even now, in various nations our leaders and churches are making preparations to go forth. Some are already going forth, even when the cracks of opportunity present itself. So let’s continue to seize the Kairos time, the God-moment.

Will you be the Great Commission Christian and make the difference?

May God bless you all.

Dr Wilson Lim
HIM President