Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


My name is Ps Brendan Kirby from Hope Adelaide and Hope Perth, and I just want to encourage you on the good things that the Lord is doing overseas in our missions work. And just to give you an update on Hope Nigeria.

A couple of years ago, Kingsley, was in Hope Hatyai. He was very inspired by the Hope vision. He was being mentored by Ps Oh in Hatyai. He was very encouraged and enthusiastic about the Hope vision. He was there for 2 or 3 years, then he went back to his town of Port Harcourt in southern Nigeria and he inspired one of his friends Stanley Mboi, to work together to plant a church. So, Ps Stanley began planting a church and wanted to join the Hope International movement. So, initially he was thinking of coming under the covering of HIM Thailand, but Ps James and Ps Wilson discussed the options and thought it would be better to send me.

So, I began relating to Ps Stanley, and eventually we were able to make a trip to Nigeria in November 2019. I arrived in Lagos and had to travel around to catch a domestic flight down to Port Harcourt. We had some great meetings and it was lovely to meet Ps Stanley and Ps Kingsley and their wives, and their people. They are great people who have a heart for God, a big vision to serve God and to build the church and plant churches. So, it was very easy to work with them, and do the training with them. We were there for about 3 days.

What was amusing was they provided an armed guard for me with machine guns, and about 4 or 5 armed guards driving around with us and I thought that was amusing mainly because while there, we didn’t have anybody shooting at me. I was told that it was actually necessary to have such protection, just in case somebody would like to try to kidnap me. So that was an interesting part of the trip.

The training went well. Also as a bonus, we had Ps Pierre from Benin come over. He went through about 30-40 hours of bus travel to travel from Cotonou in Benin across Nigeria to Port Harcourt. We also had another pastor, Ps Elisha from central Nigeria in Bauchi. He caught the bus and came down at quite some effort and expense to join us for the training. We had a good time together. Ps Pierre and Ps Elisha were both very inspired as well. We were really encouraged to serve God.Ps Pierre has gone back to Benin and Togo with a greater vision to plant more churches and to groom his leaders.
It was a very encouraging, very refreshing result. Ps Elisha has gone back to central Nigeria and is very keen to work with us to build and train leaders and plant churches. So we’re working out how to strategise and plan the development of the churches. HIM Port Harcourt just had their 1st year anniversary. They’re doing very well. Let’s keep praying, let’s keep pushing forward for God. Amen!

Ps Brendan Kirby, Hope Adelaide