Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


Pastor Brendan went to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to visit the churches, to conduct Pastor’s Training and healing crusades from 29th July until 4th August 2015.
The main objective of the trip was to cast a vision to plant house churches. The goal is to plant 25 house churches in the next 12 months in Bukavu, a city with a population of about 7 million people.

The 4-day Pastor’s Training started on 29 July (Wed). Pastor Mirindi Kanigi, Ps Paulin, Pastor Mapya and Pastor Brendan were the speakers. Pastor Brendan encouraged the pastors not to grow weary nor give up but to continue to do the will of God. Pastor Brendan challenged the local pastors to plant house churches to reduce the cost of church buildings. Pastor Brendan challenged the pastors to plant 1,000 churches because God is with them, and they have a great spirit of unity.

Pastor Mirindi Kanigi shared on the foundation of the Word of God and the protection for us under the blood of Jesus. Ps Mapya preached on unity, love, prayer (each day) and reading the bible! During the ministry time at pastors training, God healed a number of people. A lady named Athanasia had severe back pain and claimed that it was healed after prayer. We praise the Lord for that!

In addition, there was a graduation ceremony for three students including Pastor Mapya, for the completion of their degree in Health Science. Ps Mapya graduated with distinction. Everyone was very proud of him and celebrated his achievement! He has set a good example for everyone. On top of leading HIM/MERISA DRC, he was able to study hard for 3 years!

Other than that, the pastors also gave church planting reports. Ps Paulin and Ps Passi reported from the church in Goma. They are in the midst of constructing a new church building (see photo of new building). They are planning to plant two churches. Ps Severin also shared that he has planted three new churches. On one occasion, he was up until 3 am praying and rebuking the devil in order to be successful in his church planting. Ps Severin gave credit to Ps Mapya who had prayed for him a few months earlier for a greater anointing in church planting. He said he noticed the greater anointing.

On 2 August (Sun), Pastor Brendan preached at Hope Nyawera. God gave Pastor Brendan a word of knowledge to pray for people. About 20 people who had sore backs were all healed . A girl named Arleneh who was deaf from birth was instantly healed.
On the afternoon of the same day, the church organised a crusade at Bagira. The organisation of the crusade was impressive. There were instruments, a few choirs, sound equipment and all the pastors were behind the stage for support. Having his pastors there was a training initiative so that they can learn from him. Ps Mapya preached short sermon. Thank God for about 20 – 30 salvations.
 On 3 August afternoon, Pastor Brendan preached at Brasserie with Ps Jeremiah and Joelle. Pastor Brendan prayed for the sick and challenged the people to be loyal to and to be like God.

Last but not least, Pastor Mapya sends his love and greetings to all leaders of HIM (Ps Simon, Ps Helen, Ps Jeff, Ps Wilsonand Ps Lance) on behalf of all HIM DRC! Special thanks to those who gave 19 mobile phones! Ps Mapya is very appreciative. There are about 45 pastors without mobile phones to date. So this gift has really helped, especially the smart phone which will assist Ps Mapya with emails.