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On the 12th February 2015 marked asignificant milestone in the life of our dear President, Pastor Simon Eng. He is 60 years of age this year! This week in Advance, we want to honour our pastor. In fact, celebrations started while we were in Bangkok for the Global Conference during the Pastors’ Dinner. Watch the video in this article for that particular celebration. He was not there to blow the candles as he was unwell that day. Needless to say, it was one of the most unique birthday celebrations ever! His home church, Hope Kuala Lumpur,also celebrated his birthday and honoured him during a Sunday Service. Other than that, Hope Kuching, the church Pastor Simon himself founded and planted 24 years ago, specially invited him and his family to Kuching for a birthday dinner attended by over 100 brothers and sisters on 13 February. That being said, there were many other celebrations and well wishes for him that may go unrecorded in this article but all of them serve to say to our pastor, “We love you and thank you for serving the Lord!” 

Here’s our message to Pastor Simon….

Blessed 60th Birthday Ps Simon!

This is an amazing milestone in your life and such a special year for you. You are more than just a President or a leader to us. To many of us in HIM, you are our shepherd, our mentor, our elder brother and our father. We honour you for who you are.


Your life is marked by your relentless pursuit of God. We see the outworking of your wonderful love relationship with God through your life of obedience, sacrifice and faith. You are where you are today because you are faithful with the little. You genuinely love people. You pay attention to people, even the littlest details. Your persistence and enthusiasm in discipling people is inexhaustible. Your courage in leading and building the HIM family inspires courage in us to do the same. You firmly hold on to and live out the Word of God by faith not by sight. You are not afraid to love. This has never changed since the early days when you were pioneering a church with just a handful of people, until now that you are leading a movement of tens of thousands.

We love and deeply appreciate you, perspiration and all! We thank you for your infectious smile, faith-filled encouragements, loving rebukes, inexhaustible enthusiasm and joy, and your amazing zest for life! We thank you for always pointing us to Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

We want to continue to support you, labour with you and dream with you to fulfill the Great Commission for many more exciting years to come! Let us bless you with this verse:

The Sovereign Lord is my strength, He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to tread on high places! (Habakkuk 3:19) 


HIM Family