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I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to come for our Oceania Convention in Melbourne, in Philip Island. It’s going to be an exciting time because we’re going to talk about “Harvest”. We’re going to talk about God’s heart for the harvest. We’re going to talk about the things that would lead towards the harvest. We’re going to talk about the different things that will help us be involved in the harvest. 
Then we’re going to have a lot of practical sessions where you’re going to learn about different means, different ways, different things that people have learned and experienced in God and the whole aspect of being involved in the harvest.                                                                                      
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Of course, we have our normal range of guest speakers. Pastor Simon is coming again, I’m sharing, we’re going to get Pastor Brendan to share as well in one of the sessions and Pastor Ian too. But especially, we have the privilege of a guest speaker and his name is Pastor Francis Jackson. Now Pastor Jackson, he grew up in abject poverty because he came from the lowest caste in India. Yet God chose him from a very young age and he began to experience God and God began to speak to him in many different ways. God began to prepare him for a life in the ministry. Eventually, God led him to Bangalore. So when he first started a church, it was really a tiny little church because they were very poor. But over the years, God blessed them supernaturally and he saw many miracles, many people being healed, many demons being cast out; just tremendous power of God being revealed in his ministry. As a result of that, it has just continued to grow. Today his church is composed of a few thousand people and he has more than 200 churches that he has established in India. He has a bible college and he has already trained over 1000 pastors. It’s an incredible thing that he’s managed to achieve, by the grace of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit that has been working through his life and his ministry. So we are really privileged to have him come and I believe that you will be so touched, you will be so blessed and inspired by his life, the stories, what he has experienced of God; in being involved in reaping the harvest for the kingdom of God.

So I really want to encourage you, set the time aside and come, come and be with us. It’ll be, of course, a wonderful time of fellowship, a wonderful time of exchanging: of our hearts, of our ideas, and many of these things that happen in our conference. Also this year, we’re privileged to have some pastors from City Life, the children’s pastors from City Life, which is the largest church in Victoria; they will be running our children’s ministry as well.

So this is just some of the exciting things that are happening so I really encourage you: set aside the time, put aside the finances and we’ll see you there. I’m sure that you will be blessed, and I’m believing God, that you will encounter God in a special way when you are there.

God bless you!

Dr Wilson Lim
Chairman of Hope Oceania