Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


Oceania Convention provides Hope churches throughout Australia the opportunity to come together and unite in growing together and in capturing the vision of Hope Movement for 2013. This year, the Oceania Convention was held in Phillip Island, Victoria during the Easter Break in April and empowered Hope churches to understand how to be heroes for the kingdom of God. 

The convention kicked off with Pastor Simon rousing attendees with Ruth 1:1-7, showing that God uses ordinary people with weaknesses and character flaws to achieve great things in Him. Through the life of Ruth, Pastor Simon encouraged attendees to build our relationship with God in order to find the extraordinary hope needed to endure hardships and to discover what God wants to teach us through these difficult experiences. Yet through it all, he continued to drive the importance of relying on Godly wisdom in our decisions, for it is our decisions that define our future.

Pastor Wilson continued building the momentum of the conference with Ruth 2:4-12, showing the DNA of heroes who embrace the extraordinary call of God. Using the life of Boaz, Pastor Wilson spurred people to live to a higher standard where our relationship with God is seen through our loving treatment of others and the keeping of God’s law not out of duty, but compassion. He emphasised the significance of building a lasting foundation of character, wisdom and tested experience as well as a foundation of devotion in order to remain aligned with God. Yet through it all, he continued to challenge attendees to live sacrificially for God and to daringly engage with those around us in order to make a lasting impact.

On Resurrection Sunday, Julian stepped up to the pulpit to not only proclaim how great God’s love for us is but to also break down the misconceptions about salvation. He grounded attendees on their understanding of forgiveness and the Gospel by showing that forgiveness is not dependent on our level of sin, but who we sin against and that the Gospel is about Jesus, and not about health and wealth. On top of this, Pastor Julian enlivened attendees to run towards the call that God has destined for us, reminding us that God will be with those who chase after Him and He empowers His followers to bear an abundance of fruit that will last for eternity.

In addition to the powerful preaching, attendees had the opportunity to attend workshops for growing their leadership, mentoring, personal relationship with God as well as deepen their convictions and ability to share the Gospel with others. One of the highlights of the conference was the workshop run by Kevin and Anne Cranwell from Ellel Ministries, where attendees were empowered with the understanding of how to restore people’s understanding and experience of God’s love in the church. During the breaks, attendees got their adrenaline pumping with giant swings, flying foxes and kayaking in addition to a number of fast-paced sporting activities.


We are thankful for Hope Melbourne and leaders from other states in Australia who invested not only their time and effort in hosting the event and facilitating the workshops, but who have dedicated their lives to building His church. Their dedication and work will help to ensure that Hope churches move together as the one body of Christ to impact the marketplace, communities and nations. The next Oceania Convention, themed “Power”, will be held in Queensland. We hope that you are able to join us in growing and celebrating what God has accomplished in our churches at next year’s Oceania Convention.

Written by Paul Ng