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Welcome to our 2nd HLC – our Hope Leaders Conference. It is coming again in July, and I’m really excited, because we are going to have 2 great speakers amongst many other speakers.

One of our key speakers is Mark Edwards. Pastor Mark Edwards is the pastor of the largest church (Cityhope Church) in Ipswich, which is the city beside Brisbane. This is a mega church and an influential church in Ipswich. Pastor Mark is a wonderful man of God and a great communicator. He has extensive experience with the marketplace. So I really want to welcome us to come for this. Because it is going to be really good. He is going to share something from his heart to all leaders and also to the pastors.

Secondly, we also have Pastor Rick Benson. Pastor Rick Benson is a very experienced pastor. He led Kenmore Baptist Church and grew it into a mega church. Kenmore Baptist Church is today the largest Baptist church in Brisbane. Again he comes with extensive experience in growing the church in pastoral ministry and counselling, and many other areas.

I’m really excited that we have these 2 wonderful speakers with us. And of course, we have other speakers from our leaders in Oceania. So it is going to be really exciting. I invite you to come and participate in this and fellowship together with leaders all over Australia and New Zealand. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. God bless you!

Dr Wilson Lim
Hope Oceania