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Hobart’s Local Paper (The Mercury) captured Hope Hobart’s Easter Street Outreach activities


The Mercury, which is the local paper, captured our Easter street outreach in the mall on Saturday. A journalist and a photographer came and interviewed me (as the pastor of the church), and took pictures of me holding the cross right in our city mall (as attached).

It is one of the many ways God has been encouraging the team and me to SEE and take courage. It is because we know He sees and will honour our work here. I initially thought of placing an advertisement for our church in The Mercury’s Sunday paper under the classifieds.

I decided against it after weighing up costs vs. effectiveness. However, God has a way of surprising me. Someone, who saw our street outreach, rang The Mercury and had them come down to interview and take a picture of me. The article and photo was colour-printed and included what I shared, smacked bang in the middle of the local news – and yes, all free! I am humbled once again at how God honours the desires of my heart! He provided with a car this year (a great new second-hand car) and now this!
I want to take this opportunity to really thank the faithful outreach team that has been hitting the street of Hobart every fortnight: Andrew V, David M and Rebecca. I am humbled to serve alongside you in this ministry, and feel extremely privileged that day to hold the cross and be a “symbol” of your relentless passion to see this city come to Christ.
Thank you also to Andrew O and Daniel L, our musicians, and Helen and those who helped wrapped those Easter eggs together. Lastly, I give thanks to all who are praying (and fasting) for God’s work here. May we all take heart and be encouraged by our living God!
Written by Shen Yee