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Worship and the pursuit of God’s presence is one of the anchor focus of Hope Church Canberra. We were privileged and honoured to host our bi-annual Heaven Invades Worship Concert held at the Australian National University (ANU) on 17 August 2019. This time at ANU’s newest cultural precinct Kambri, the concert brought together current and new faces to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness. It was also a time of corporate and collective worship where we worshipped with churches across Canberra.


On the church front, this concert has enabled our new members to utilise their strengths and capabilities via a myriad of areas such as worship, programming, media, set-up, marketing and make-up. It was such a fruitful and fulfilling time harnessing these different yet unique strengths together, serving the body of Christ in unity. The enablement of different talents and giftings fostered a deeper sense of ownership, belonging and contribution. Through our willing hearts and hands, we thank God for new connections across all walks of life!

This concert rekindled our purpose and passion in worship. We were reminded of our “why” and the importance of maintaining a heart of worship unto Him.

Till the next time – Heaven Invades!

Eugene Saw, Hope Canberra

Heaven Invades testimonies:

It was great to be a part of praise and worship with you guys at ‘Heaven Invades’. Thanks for the opportunity to participate, the word that came strongly has been resonating in our hearts since is this:

When God’s people gather together to worship Him, there becomes an epicentre of His presence that ignites an explosive supernatural power. Its effect continues to reverberate from that point of centre and takes down strongholds and moves upon hearts of people.

On the Australian National University Campus, God’s power was being felt from the epicentre of His presence, the high praises of God doing war against principalities and powers. The person of the Holy Spirit impacting the hearts and souls of students.

As like on the day of Pentecost, Jerusalem was the epicentre of God’s power that executed His purposes to influence the whole world. God’s power is greater than even the greatest of any atomic explosion. His Presence, Power and Person unleashed in a dramatic way that afternoon when Heaven Invades. Blessings and thank you for serving Canberra.

 Pastor Mark and Carolyn Warren
Momentum Church Canberra 

Being new to Canberra it was a great blessing to join with other believers and connect with God in a real and authentic way. There was a strong sense of God’s presence in the room and I left feeling very encouraged and uplifted. Thanks to the Hope Church Canberra team for leading us so well. 

Michael Reardon
Momentum Church Canberra

While we are praying as a group before the concert starts, I prayed that “Lord, I want to feel Your Presence now. Holy Spirit come to me, I want to experience it again..”. I didn’t expect the response was that quick. Within the first 2 minutes of the first song my eyes were filled with tears and felt joy in my heart. I felt the Holy Spirit came upon me at that very moment. Praise God, Father Almighty!

John Maunahan
Hope Canberra

I woke up on the day of Heaven Invades Concert with nothing but intentions of just enjoying a whole 2-3 hours of praise and worship. I took the chance to forget about my current worries and just purely get into the feeling of the songs, and to understand and own the lyrics. This enabled me to surrender to God and let Him connect with me. I especially felt this during the last song, in which we were given a chance to go up to the front and let others pray for us. During the prayer, the music became faint and even though, the person who was praying for me was a female, I recognised God’s voice and words immediately, and I was deeply touched and felt assured by His unconditional love.

Micah Laco
Hope Canberra

When Kambri (ANU’s new precinct) opened I took a tour just like everyone else and I was overwhelmed by the glamour of the build. However, very close to the entrance of the building in form of construction imperfection I noticed a visible cross. My spirit jumped as I contemplated on the idea of worship rising from Kambri main precinct. To my surprise seven months later I saw a worship poster literally meters from where that cross is!!! I told The Holy Spirit if God was going to do anything at ANU I WAS NOT GOING TO MISS IT!!

The night was my one the most unique worship experience I ever had and I have been in church for 34 years! There was something pure and revolutionary about it. In that meeting God told me that I need to break away from the denominational limitations and see the big picture on the Father’s heart in order to receive Body of Christ Assignments. This changed my life, from that day on I became more deliberate in my efforts to connect and work with people from different ministries. Thank you for hosting the night and I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next one.

Tamai Heaton
ANU Staff 

At the worship night, I felt empowered by Holy Spirit. I was moved by Holy Spirit to do the dance movements I don’t dare to do usually, to move freely without any concerns or worry. Truly it’s a blessed night to testify God’s presence and His power to set people free and move in people’s heart. God bless. 

Roxanne Su
Hope Canberra