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Hope Canberra had a church camp over the Easter long weekend in Greenhills Centre in the Canberra bush area. It was great having most of the church members as well as recent members of the church coming together to spend time with each other and with God. 

We had Pastor Rolando (Noi) from Hope Queanbeyan and Pastor Belle Wolter from Hope Brisbane visiting and ministering in the camp. On Day 1, Ps Rolando preached an Easter-themed message. The church also spent time worshipping and waiting upon the Lord. Many were blessed and ministered by the Holy Spirit. Knees were bowed and hearts were soft in responding to the works of God. In the afternoon, we managed to set aside some time for some fun and team-building activities. We ended the night around the camp fire with marshmallows. Everyone took the opportunity during the camp fire to showcase talents such as singing, dancing and telling jokes. Many hidden talents were discovered that night.

On Day 2, Ps Belle ministered and challenged the church to cross the threshold of our spiritual walk. Patrick took some time to introduce the Vision and Philosophy of the church, the role of the church in the Kingdom of God, as well as the role of the people forming the church. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to participate in some rope climbing activities that were physically demanding and required a lot of teamwork. It was fun, challenging and helped us build trust among one another. We ended with such a sense of accomplishment.

In the evening of Day 2, there was another session of intense worship. Ps Belle ministered to everyone by giving words of wisdom or knowledge. The words given were sharp and timely.

Day 3 was Easter Sunday. We celebrated with an Easter service at the camp site, proclaiming the resurrection power of Jesus Christ! After lunch, everyone was given an opportunity to testify what they have learned and received during the camp. It was encouraging to hear how people were inspired and changed by God during the camp. The camp has definitely fanned the flame of the church. We left the camp with a sense of clarity, conviction and empowerment to do great things for the Glory of His name!

 By Patrick Ching, Hope Church Canberra