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Hope Church Canberra held a camp recently from 29 September to 1 October at Greenhills Centre with over 50 people in attendance, many of whom were new comers to the church. The camp, named ”Camp Own It!” was packed with activities centered on the theme of stewardship and we were blessed to have our very own Pastor Patrick, and from Hope Church Gold Coast, Pastor Belle, Jason and Angela, to minister to us through teachings, workshops and worship. We were also delighted to have Belle’s son, Michael with us at the camp!

Prior to the camp, our members were asked to put together meaningful skits around the message of the camp. This initiative gave many members a chance to draw upon their creativity and theatrical skills. We saw four life groups displaying various styles of dramatization including mime, song, and dance. Under the night sky, the star that really shone that campfire night was little Michael who touched our hearts when he joined the skits so willingly, even wanting to help an actor who was pretending to be injured.

Campfire went well into the night, with many of our members coming into the spotlight to bless us with their diverse array of talents. There was poetry, singing, dancing, and even some standup comedy. A marshmallow chewing contest ended the campfire with much awe and applause. ***

Workshops were part of the camp, with Belle leading a prophetic painting class and Angela leading a counselling workshop. Though a first for many who joined, members found these workshops truly encouraging.

Teachings were of course a camp staple! Co-led by Patrick and Belle, the teachings tackled many relevant issues pertaining to stewardship. Our members posed many questions, and we received relatable answers that were shaped by the life experiences of our pastors. The combination of biblical truth and experiential knowledge, truly impacted our members as we saw genuine testimony passed down to us.

We also bonded through various sports including field games, obstacle courses and bush walking. Members benefited from the refreshing air and exercise. The vertical climbing activity drew out the courage of many members who overcame their fear of heights by trusting in their teammates. Some obstacles even required members to support each other, quite literally! Most heartening was the endless cheers ringing out from the base to the climbers.

Eating was also fellowship! With every meal being a time of getting our mouths full of conversation to catch up with one another. In line with the theme of stewardship, we had rosters for members to clean up our dining area after each meal. No one followed the roster, because everyone helped! ****

Despite the camp being only 3 days long, we closed the camp with many testimonies and fullness of fellowship with our God and one another.

Written by
Joel Tan
Hope Canberra