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Hope Canberra held a church camp from 13 – 15 March 2015 in Greenhills Centre in the bushland of Canberra. We were blessed as most of the church members are able to make it to the camp from both the families and students groups. This was important as we have many new people across the life groups and the camp provided an avenue for everyone to get to know each other better and closer. 

This camp had around 35 participants. Pastor Lance and Belle Wolter from Hope Brisbane came to bless and minister at the camp. During the camp, we were reminded of the Core Values of Hope International Ministries as a church planting movement. During the prayer and worship sessions, people were touched and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Prophetic words were given and the church is united and focused to grow and mature as we run the race in expanding the Kingdom of God.

There were fun and games too as the student team led us in exciting and creative sports and games. The camp site hosted us well with good accommodation and plentiful food. Kangaroo-watching in the morning was an added bonus.

The camp truly brought us together closer as a family and everyone benefited from the camp in many ways. We are already looking forward to our next church camp, hopefully not too far away.

Hope Canberra Water Baptism 

Hope Canberra held another occasion of water baptism on 7 March 2015. Those being baptised were Alex Huang, Zoe Zhu and Gabriel Ching. Church members from both the family and student groups attended the event to witness and support the baptism.

We started with Patrick providing an introduction behind the meaning of water baptism.

Then, those being baptised gave a short testimony behind their decision.

Once everyone was baptised, we celebrated with praises and prayers to God. Of course, we ended the day with good old Aussie barbie (barbeque).

Congratulations to Alex, Zoe and Gabriel on your wonderful decision!

By Patrick Ching, Hope Canberra