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Sophie Wittwer (Sophie Joy Madison ) from Hope Busselton, Western Australia shares how the Lord birthed a music ministry and a brand new recording album called “Coming Home”

In 2010, I declined several university opportunities in Perth after my dad had become sick. In the following weeks, the youth group I was running collapsed, the band I was in ended, several of my best friends moved away and I lost my job. It was a really low time; worse still, I could not feel the presence of God in my worship leading. I stayed faithful, praying and trusting God daily. In May, I found another job and dad was getting better which was encouraging. One day, mum prophesied over me saying, “I feel you need to get a “song” out of this.”

I didn’t know what that meant, but I wrote a song. And then another. God then spoke to me to write a song a day!
Weeks went by and I asked the Lord, “what now? I have all these songs, but nothing to do with them.”

He asked me “Sophie, do you trust me?”
– “Yeah, sure God”
“Do you trust me?”
– “Yeesssss….?”
“Quit your job”

But God had spoken and it was up to me to obey. So on July 17th, I quit my job and let Him take it.

The very next day, I received an email from a recording contact in Perth saying, “I would like to record you next week!”

That gave me only one week to compile a list of songs and arrange the music. Fortunately, I had saved a lot of money and also received several generous gifts helping finance the process. It took 9 weeks to record and by December, my debut album, “Coming Home,” was complete! With 10 tracks based on life experiences, appropriate for both Christian and non-Christian audiences, it was a dream come true! But it wasn’t until I “let go and let God” that it became possible! Praise Him!

By Sophie Joy Madison

To purchase the album “Coming Home” click here www.cdbaby.com/cd/sophiejoy