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In October 2019, a team of 3 doctors, 1 nurse, a podiatrist, an occupational therapist and 2 support workers went to Hyderabad, India as part of a medical mission trip. We were welcomed by Ps Ravi and his family. We entered India, not knowing what each day was going to look like, but our hearts were ready to give whatever was necessary.

On the first day, the team went shopping for supplies, medications and gift packs for the medical camps we were going to run. The next 6 days found us running 6 medical camps in Hyderabad and in surrounding rural villages. Each day, we saw between 100 – 300 people. A typical clinic saw patients being greeted by our wonderful nurse and clinical supports to take blood pressure and blood glucose checks, take weight and any other complaints of the person before sending them off to be reviewed by one of the doctors. Then the person would receive advice from the doctor and a script. The script was then passed to the dispensing table where medications, a gift pack with some essential items (toothbrush, toothpaste, Dettol, band aid, paracetamol) and some health care advice was given to each person as required.

We found that chronic disease was probably one of the biggest complaints amongst the 1000+ people we saw. There were a lot of diabetes, high blood pressure, aches and pains associated with labouring work. Both the podiatrist and the occupational therapist on the team were able to see a few people with various foot and upper limb complaints respectively. Prayer was also offered to each person.
Ps Ravi and his whole family (his 3 sons, his wife and his sister-in-law) travelled with us to the rural village to provide necessary translation for the people we met. In the evenings, we also attended some night meetings (i.e. prayer meetings, night rally). Here we had the opportunity to share our stories of healing, of God’s provision and protection. After Ps Ravi shared a message, prayer was again offered to the people who attended.

There are so many things we are thankful for and I would like to take the opportunity to mention them publicly here. Thanks to everyone who supported financially, in prayer and in words of encouragement. We set a faith goal to fundraise $10,000 which would be used for the running of the medical clinics. Praise God, He exceeded our goal and in 4 months we raised over $14,000. God is all knowing and always faithful, He knew how much we needed.
Thanks to Ps Ravi and his family and the churches. You looked after us so well. We felt always reassured and completely safe. Our every need was taken care of. We thank God for your heart for missions.

We are thankful that the entire team did not get sick. There were only a few minor ailments but praise God, He took care of us, and had us recover quickly. Thank you Jesus for no Delhi Belly! (or the equivalent for Hyderabad).

I personally want to thank the team. For being so willing and available. For trusting God with your families back home, and filling every room full of joy, whether or not the room had walls, a clogged toilet, water dripping from the electrical lights, or tin roofs with no air-conditioning.
We were a team of 8, and if I’m being honest, India probably wasn’t on our list of places for missions. But each of us left with fond memories and stories of India, knowing God did something really special in us, even as we gave our time. So, I would encourage you, if you want to do missions, GO. Don’t let the ’where’ or the ‘circumstance’ stop you. Ask God, He will show you, and open a door for you.

By Jien-Mae Tan, Hope Brisbane