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The Elevate Conference TWENTYfourteen themed HARVEST was a fruitful conference during the 22nd and 23rd of August with a gathering of over 150 people across 4 services from Hope Churches in Queensland. The energetically inspirational and down-to-earth guest speaker Ps Jeff Chong from Hope Singapore shared rich insight on kingdom values in the marketplace and in the very places of influence we find ourselves in. With a big breakfast to kick start the day conference, engaging worship sessions, gender-based sessions and a delicious dinner under the moonlight, this year’s conference was the best yet. 

During the women’s session, Joan shared about being fearless women. We looked at two women in the Bible how they responded to fear; the first woman, Eve, and Mary, mother of Jesus. Gleaning from their lives, we were challenged and inspired to surrender all our fears to God and learning to trust Him. In order to live out the purpose God has in store for us to impact the world, we are to rid of our timidity, tap into His power and trust in His unfailing love, coupled with self-discipline. We are bought at a high cost, joined together by God for a high call, to be sisters and each other’s keepers. We can be it all, do it all and have it all because our worth and our values are in God.

The men’s session had some team building activities to set the pace. Ps Jeff shared about the importance of building accountability within the church and in the various areas of life such as relationship purity, family health and being good stewards of our finances. Integrity and honesty were key areas shared over the session. It was an enjoyable and insightful time.

We are very grateful for Ps Jeff Chong, Ps Joshua Chee and Joan Foo who shared heart to heart about their life experiences with God and inspired us to be a part of God’s great harvest.

Some feedback from those who went: 

“It was a great conference and I enjoyed hearing from the speakers. Wanted more time to hear from them, especially Ps Jeff” 

“Food was great, big breakfast a great way to start, sessions were wonderful!” 

 “Joan shared well and wish we had more time in her session!” 

 “Feel inspired and challenged after this conference!” 

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Written by Linna Hong, Hope Brisbane