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The Family Group of Hope Church Brisbane hosted their first concert (East Meets West) on 9 August 2014 to raise fund for Missions. This is a great opportunity for Unidus, as a Community Centre, to connect with the wider community in a meaningful and relevant way. At the same time, God’s love and care was demonstrated through what has been done in Brisbane and abroad for the less fortunate, the marginalised and the disadvantaged. 

The concert program featured both Eastern and Western musical instruments, songs and dances. It was a multicultural event in a certain sense. It is supported by the Chinese community through Sound of Ausoriental, which consists of a group of amateur musicians and artists who are professionals working full-time or part-time in various fields in Brisbane; and Australian Asian Art Network Association (AAANA). Other performers are from Hope Church Brisbane. They include children from the Kids for Christ (KFC), Ground Breakaz dance group and String Quartet from Ablaze, musicians and singers from Willawong Service, etc.

The program started off with the KFC kids dancing to the tune of ‘Our God Is An Awesome God’, followed by Guzheng solo performance, ‘Battle with Typhoon’ which described how the wharf workers braved themselves against the typhoon. Other items included Chinese cultural dance, Sunflower & Moonlight Over the Lotus Pond followed by a small-group musical piece, Shepherd’s Song, which described the courage of a beautiful shepherd girl pursuing a better life. The beautiful melody is played by the performers from Sound of AusOriental with Erhu, Guzheng (Chinese Harp), Pipa and Yang Qin (Dulcimer).

The Eastern items: 

  • Moon Reflection on the Second Spring, played with Zhonghu, Guzheng and wood percussion
  • Horse-catcher’s Song, a popular song sung by the herdsmen on the Mongolian Steppe. With it’s lively melodies and rhythms, the song praises the vastness of the grasslands. It also reflects the steppe nomads’ happy, bold and enthusiastic lifestyle.
  •  Heavenly Road, a Tibetan song that expresses the Tibetan’s desire and pursue of happiness in life.
  • Erhu solo of ‘Racing Chariot’, which describes the bravery and perseverance of the soldiers on horses

The Western items: 

  • One Man’s Dream – a Yanni Piano piece
  • You are my Heart’s Delight, singing with Piano accompaniment
  • Dance by Ground Breakaz, from Hope Church Brisbane
  • String Quartet by a group of young and talented youth from Ablaze and their friends. The pieces they played were Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel and Explosives by Bond.

There was the East & West combination, ‘Sand in the Wind’, singing with the accompaniment of Zhonghu and Piano. This famous Chinese pop song, with its tactful and delicate melodies, vividly describes the people’s yearning for pure love.

The 25 members Chinese Orchestra plays Tea-picking Song (Fujian folk song) and Yau Tribe Dance, before all the performers are invited to the stage to sing the last song ‘It’s A Small World’ with the audience. This concert is full of colourful costumes and lighting, besides the beautiful sounds of various musical instruments.

On the day of the concert, posters of the past missions trips were on display, and a Donation Box was placed there for the community to donate if they felt compelled to. Hot beverages and cold drinks were made available for sale during the 10 minutes interval and post-concert. It was a full 2-hour program which received good feedback from the audience who attended. Praise God for His guidance and grace in making this concert a reality. The net fund raised was AUD5,725.45.

Glory to Him in the highest!

Written by Bin Sim Law, Hope Church Brisbane