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Hundreds of delegates were welcomed by a luxurious spread of Morning Tea, filled with super fresh fruits, yummy gummies and mouth watering pastries as the Five Fold Conference commenced on 16th November 2013. The morning session kicked off with the Five Fold Series, conducted by our very own Pastor Wilson, Pastor Lai Ling, Pastor Lance, Pastor Joshua and May, introducing the roles of the Teacher, Prophet, Apostle, Pastor and Evangelist. 
Lunch was served and everyone scattered to different areas in Unidus to indulge in their meals and fellowship with each other. Just as everyone was getting tired and restless after lunch, the hosts started the afternoon session with a little bit of stretching and amusing interactive games, bringing laughter to the floor.

Pastor Wilson then continued the sessions, stressing the importance of different roles working together in unity. No one role is able to do without the other, and no ministry is less important than the rest.

The afternoon session was followed by a long break, allowing delegates to have more time with each other. In the sweltering hot weather, our kind organisers provided free ice cream for everyone!

The night started with a powerful praise and worship session, with the presence of God touching and impacting lives like never before. It was truly a divine exchange as willing hearts seek to depend more on our Heavenly Father.

The second day of conference was our usual service, with Pastor Wilson wrapping up on how each of the roles in the Five Fold Ministry can contribute and empower each other to be God’s ambassadors in this generation. Many hearts were impacted as Pastor Wilson spoke the Word of breaking down our pride before God first, so that He could use us in ways we can never imagine.

The Five Fold Conference was truly a blessing to all who was present, and a definite success giving all glory to God!

Written by Alicia Tan