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At Hope Church Queensland, Worship Night is a great opportunity for all our church services and centres to gather as one family to worship the Almighty God. Worship Night is one of our key annual events that is key to bringing our worship life as a church family deeper.

This year’s Worship Night was centred on the theme “24/7” which aimed to help our church members be aware of their identity as God-worshippers created to live for His pleasure and to offer such truthful worship unto Him every moment of our lives, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! That is what true worship is about – worship is our life!

The atmosphere at Worship Night was thick with vibrant praise and expectant faith. Throughout the night, there were extended times where individuals and the church had the opportunity to soak in worship and to press in even deeper into His inner courts. The Presence of God could be felt so tangibly. It was truly a divine exchange as willing hearts sought to encounter God and truly felt His love through worship.

Other expression of arts were incorporated as a part of the night to provide the platform for people to worship the Lord through their creative gifting. The WAM Dance team expressed their worship to the Lord through dance and artists expressed painted their God-inspired expressions as their worship to the Lord.

As Pastor Torch and team led the church in worship and waiting upon God, many people encountered God’s presence and love. Some experienced God’s power that healed and set them free! In the course of the week after Worship Night, there were many testimonies of healing and breakthrough!

God is moving in our midst and we truly believe that as we continue to hunger and thirst for Him, and live our lives as worship unto Him 24/7, we will continue to see an increase signs and wonders, healings and breakthrough in the days to come!

By Hope Church Brisbane