Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


Ordinary people with extraordinary FAITHFULNESS, extraordinary FAVOUR, and extraordinary FRIENDSHIP. Our movement was likened to Ruth’s life of extraordinary HOPE, extraordinary REDEMPTION and extraordinary HARVEST. This was the prophecy given to our movement back in 2010. The recent Global Conference (GC) held in Kuala Lumpur just proved that the God is leading the movement and fulfilling His word. For example, we heard many testimonies of churches being planted in creative ways, people impacting the marketplace, people who caught the vision and willingly left their comfort zone for the Great Commission and many more. We were left us astounded by the favour of God. 

“Vision 2020” was the theme of this GC and it was indeed timely now that half a decade has passed. Globally, not just in the HIM Family but in the body of Christ, there seems to be a stirring, a gearing up, and a preparation for something that’s going to happen in the next five years. This was further reiterated with the prophecy that was given during one of the GC sessions: God is going to do something unexpected, so be ready for the unexpected.

Although one would infer that since the theme is “Vision 2020”, the teachings were most likely aimed to further equip and add more knowledge to the leaders. However, this GC simply went back to the fundamentals of what HIM is all about – our vision, our mission, our call, our covenant as a family – so as to reinforce each leader as well as the churches, countries, and regions they represented. It was all back to basics, but that didn’t mean nothing new was birthed or received by the leaders and pastors. Like every other GC, the Lord poured out His anointing and gave us words of encouragement and prophecies that made us all the more sure that as a movement, we will be able to face the next half decade to come.

Furthermore, it was such a blessing to be able to gather in one place and see brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world. Whether it be during the breaks, the meals, or any other free time available, it was spent getting to know new people, catching up with old friends, and encouraging one another in the Lord with testimonies and prayers.

We were privileged to have seasoned speakers such as Rev Rick Seaward, Ps Simon, Ps Wilson and Ps Lai Ling preaching God’s heart to us. This GC reinforced the fundamentals: the importance of discipleship, the vision and the mission to plant churches and reach nations, responding to God in faith and going beyond. The bottom line of it all is that no matter what position we may hold, whether we be the President of the entire movement, the pastor of a church, or the leader of a life group, we are simply ordinary people who are able to do extraordinary things because of our extraordinary God.


Written by Eric Surbano