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The Christian culture is radically different from the world’s culture. The world hates Jesus because He turned the world upside down and said get off it otherwise you’ll be destroyed! As Christians today we have a very mixed up culture; we have lots of the world and we have lots of Jesus too and we don’t realize what belongs to which.

When we choose to follow Jesus, we started to leave the world behind. He imputed God’s righteousness to us. God could do this because Jesus paid the penalty for our sin. My sin makes no difference now, but my love for Him and my obedience is what counts, not my success. He now sees us as His child so He looks after us like a father. He does not look after us as a lackey or a slave or an employee. He does not look on us as one who can complete His task. He does not value us according to our ability. He does none of those things.

He values us because we are His child and He loves us. He wants to see us grow up and grow near and He wants to fill out what is missing in us. He gives us talents and wants us to use them.

So, whether you look physically beautiful or not does not impact on your success. Whether you are very smart or dumb does not impact on your success. None of the measures of this world’s culture apply. Rather what makes a difference is your heart of love for your heavenly father and whether you are willing to obey. The world’s standards do not apply; God’s standards are very different.Of crucial importance now is not the number of people in your church. Not how many people you brought into your life group. Not many how many sheep you have. Not how many people you have led to the Lord. Not the quality of your academic achievement. Not how pretty or hansom you are. Not whether you are the best musician. Not your ability. Not your title. What counts to God is your love shown in your obedience.

Do whatever He tells you!

(This article was published on Advance Newsletter on 31st August, 2011)