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On the 16th to 18th August 2019, over 300 participants from across three different universities, the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and Griffith University (GU) held their 10th annual Campus Christian Movement (CCM) Conference in Watson Park Convention Center. They were also joined by delegates from Hope Melbourne, Hope Gatton and Ablaze Youth that made the trip to join the three-day conference. The theme for this year’s conference was Greater Still, with the goal of celebrating the faithfulness of God in the Campus Christian Movement ministry in the past twenty-five years, and to envision what the next twenty-five might look like through Him. Across the weekend there were four speaker-based sessions and one celebratory session.

The conference began on Friday evening with Sunita bringing a message titled ‘God of Greatness’ to excite and encourage delegates to turn to Jesus and to respond in turn to His greatness. Afterwards, a war cry competition was conducted amongst life groups with the goal being to have a war cry that would unite students and one that students would be proud to use on campus.

On Saturday, the day started on a joyous note as fifteen brothers and sisters took a large step to publicly declare their faith by getting water baptised. The celebration continued through the second session of the weekend, which involved honouring alumni, both past and present. There were recorded messages from the first ever CCM presidents from the three Queensland universities, followed by a trivia segment and an interview panel featuring key figures Pastor Wilson and Lai Ling as faithful pioneers of the ministry, together with all other pastors and speakers. At the very end of the session, a large birthday cake was brought out on stage to commemorate the silver jubilee of CCM.

Outdoor games commenced after lunch and saw many delegates meet others from different groups while enjoying the many activities that the station games set across the campsite had to offer. In the following night session, Pastor Lai Ling brought forth a message titled, ‘Greater Move’ which opposed issues such as disentanglement, doggedness and desperation. The session concluded with many receiving and soaking in the Holy Spirit. The committee set up several bonfires outside afterwards where delegates were given time to spend with their groups to reflect on the sessions.

Sunday began with a session by Pastor Joshua titled, ‘Greater Yes’, inspiring students to see out God’s faithfulness as a source of victory. In the final session of the conference, Suzanna encouraged all to look forward with a message titled ‘Greater Frontiers’, and then had delegates write commitment messages which were posted onto a large, wooden cross as a strong symbolic act for Christ.

It was an amazing 3 day and 2 nights filled with joy, laughter and tears as God continued to speak to many delegates and challenged them to live boldly for Christ. As 2019 continues, the time is ripe for this generation to look forward to God’s goodness and promises in the next generation and beyond. Our God is and remains, Greater Still.

Written by Dominic Chow, Hope Church Brisbane