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On March 23rd, Ablaze celebrated its 6th anniversary – a fun filled event packed with games, food, new and old friends and of course, an awesome sermon! It was a great night at Unidus where we celebrated the youth service of Hope, its diversity, its energy but most of all, its passion for God. We saw up and rising talent in our service rise up with new faces taking the mic and MCing, and an open mic session after service to showcase our hidden gifts. Bethel room was open and inviting with no chairs to confine or limit our space and capacity to worship our Lord, as Ablaze bound together to praise God at the top of our voices.
Torch delivered another top notch sermon, commemorating what has come and passed in this service, and giving us the opportunity to look forward to so much more. The welcome team also conjured up a feast of scrumptious nibbles after service, well prepared to feed the masses plentifully and satisfactorily. As they say, the way to the heart of youth is through their stomach! It was thus a great night to reflect on God’s provision throughout the last six years, as well as what to press on for in the future. Happy 6th Birthday, Ablaze!

Written by Sarah Leong